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Jessica’s Review

As a fan of murder-mystery books I was excited to get my hands on Clive’s book. From the moment I did, I wasn’t able to put it down! The author’s details on the life inside private clubs is so intriguing, you almost feel like you shouldn’t be allowed to read it. This book is filled with witty banter that makes the journey throughout the book not only suspenseful but also enjoyable! I couldn’t stop myself from smiling the entire time. The characters in the book are so distinct, but all believable in their own way. With everyone being suspects, I couldn’t close the book for more than a minute before I was back to read more. If you’re a fan of the “who-done-it” literature, and always wanted to know what tales go on “behind the gates” you will fall in LOVE this modern laughable twist of murder-mystery that this author brings to the table! Highly recommended!