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A Flattering Autograph Request

Hello “Clive” –

I hope all is well. Things have been going great here at my new club. You will be glad to hear that you have many admirers on my Board of Governors. A few days ago a group of them purchased 17 of your books and asked me, since I know you, if you would be willing to sign them. They want to give them to the rest of the Board and Executive Committee as Christmas gifts. Would this be possible to do? I can ship them to you with a return shipment back to me. Although, I have always admired you greatly for your talents, never thought I would also be asking for your autograph. I guess there is light at the end of the “club management tunnel.”

Again, as always I appreciate your professional mentoring and personal friendship and wish you and your family a healthy holiday season.

With kind regards,

Patrick D.