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$25.00 / Paperback
ISBN: 9781608440139
212 pages
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About the Book

Welcome to Private Clubs in America and around the World

Private Clubs in America and around the World is a VERY funny and perceptive look into the unique world of private clubs. Private clubs are inextricably woven into the very fabric of America’s history, traditions, and culture—and for that matter, the histories, traditions, and cultures of ALL free societies around the world. Members, employees, and guests alike will enjoy the author’s penetrating insights, off-beat humor, blatant irreverence, and sarcastic wit. The author’s obvious extensive knowledge of and deep affection for the world of private clubs permeate all nine chapters and deal with topics ranging from Boards of Directors to committees, employees to members. Be prepared to laugh your socks off at this must-read.

“Hilarious! As I read with great enjoyment, I was reminded of the Hunza High-Life Miniature Golf & Ping-Pong Club (oxygen issues, obviously), in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of the Himalayas, to which I belonged back in the day when I could speak Burushaski and could climb that far. The author has truly captured the universal truth about private clubs: Wherever you go, there you arse.”
- Arch Y. Stokes, Litigator Extraordinaire, World Traveler, and Private Club Guru

"I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it thoroughly. It gave me lots of chuckles and some big laughs. I have bought copies for our General Manager, our other club Officers, and our entire Board of Directors."
- Norman L. Matthew, President, Bryn Mawr Country Club, Illinois

"Clive accurately captures the foibles - and, at times, the 'wonderful lunacy' - in the private club environment. His many characters, which seem to be right out of central casting, can be found frolicking about in utter abandon throughout the book. I KNOW these people – YOU KNOW these people! Every page is a hoot and laugh-out-loud moment. The book is a GREAT read!"
- Peter Kite, Past Member of Various Private Clubs in Canada and the United States

"When they see themselves more clearly and honestly through the 'parody lens' of this outstanding book, more and more private clubs will begin in earnest to address their operational and governance issues."
- J. Eaton Swank, Past President of Several Private Clubs

“Sheer genius…contains a penetrating insight into the human folly.”
- Norm Spitzig, MCM, Principal & Senior Partner, Master Club Advisors

“The Connecticut Chapter of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA), of which I am a member, sent out a special note to all its members saying this book is a ‘must read’ for ALL club members and club employees. They were correct – it’s VERY funny!”
- Michael D'Addetta CCM, General Manager, Pine Orchard Yacht & Country Club, Connecticut